Borrowing From the Future in Magnolia

Borrowing From The Future in Magnolia

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I was reading an excellent book called “The Ecology of Commerce” by Paul Hawken (Found Here) and the author described how using our planet’s resources irresponsibly leads to a situation where we are borrowing from the future. Negative actions we take now change the environment for our children and grandchildren. That is a concept that is easy to grasp when talking about our environment.

But What About Our Health?

Are you borrowing from the future when it comes to your health and well-being? Is another month of not exercising or eating well compromising your option to do so later in life? Mobility is something that any grandparent will tell you is critical to their independence. Can’t squat down to the toilet anymore or step into the shower? That cues the kids to have a meeting about where you should live, based on your physical limitations. The physical also changes the mental. The feeling of losing out on doing what you love impacts your confidence and vitality.

This Message is NOT For The Elderly

Waiting until the issue is... well... an issue, only makes it more difficult to address. It takes longer, it is harder, and it costs more. Let's look at a child with scoliosis for example. It does not start out as a 24-degree lateral curve one morning. It is progressive. And there are multiple causes. In about 25% of cases, there is a family history. Leg length differences, pelvic and sacral distortions, and nerve damage can all contribute to the level of curve found in the spine. Waiting to address the issue reduces the ability to make substantial changes, as skeletal maturity occurs around the age of 12-16. Changes in adults are very possible, but outcomes are much better before the spine has fully matured. Foundational Chiropractic Care looks at the foundational issues of the spine that may be causing the deviations or scoliosis. This can benefit children and adults alike.

So What?

Loss of mobility is of great concern. What Foundation Chiropractic is most concerned about is the indication of a deeper issue, a Foundational Shift affecting your spine, and the communication network of your nervous system. A comprehensive Foundational Chiropractic Examination will indicate the presence of Foundational Shifts in your spine to see if a program of Foundational Correction is right for you. Stop borrowing from the future. Take action to address your Secondary Conditions now to ensure a better tomorrow.

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