Holiday Reminders from a Magnolia Chiropractor

Holiday Reminders Tips from a Magnolia Chiropractor

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Here are some effective holiday tips from a Magnolia chiropractor Evan Pulver.

Holiday Reminders:

  1. You won't get fat from one day of eating.
  2. You won't get skinny from one day of exercise.

I think that pretty much sums up our blog for this month! Ok, not really. These reminders are, however, profound when it comes to our holiday mindsets.

Let's look at each one separately

  1. You won't get fat from one day of eating.
    One day of treats and sugar won't make you fat. Let loose on Christmas if you want to! Your body is designed to go through feast and famine. Imagine your ancestors finally getting that great harvest or catch. They would probably celebrate by eating a little more that day, and their bodies didn't turn to jelly as a result. This would also be balanced with some periods of no eating or greatly reduced meal sizes. And that can be good for you, too! When one feast turns into one month of poor eating, low consumption of fresh vegetables, liquid calories, and lack of exercise, THAT is when you have a problem. It doesn't take long for a habit to form, a craving for nighttime carbs to be unbearable, and a few extra pounds to show up. Not only does this affect you from a cosmetic standpoint, it produces inflammation to your joints, reduces immune function, and can contribute to different secondary conditions such as headaches, body aches, and flare-ups of other chronic issues.
  2. You won't get skinny from one day of exercise. When I was in middle school, I always dreaded the first week of football practice. To get ready for the sprints I knew we would start with day one, I put myself on a strict conditioning program. Beginning about 2 days before practice started, I would run around the neighborhood until I was drenched in sweat and feeling every muscle. When the coach would ask us if we had been training during the summer, I was able to confidently say "Oh yeah!".

For some reason, my 10 minutes of conditioning wasn't enough to get me in shape! How frustrating! My 12-year-old logic is the same many have in adulthood. January 1st they don their new workout clothes and put in their headphones for an intense walk or trip to the gym. But their devotion wanes quickly as excuses roll in. Maybe the results are slow to come, schedules get busy, money is tight for the classes they like to take.

The BEST Approach

The best approach to change is to make strategic choices and a plan for success. Cut out an activity to make time for exercise or meal prep. Delete Netflix so that the new normal evening routine is going to bed at a decent hour. Encourage others to check in with your progress and goals. Don't just sprint randomly out into the neighborhood!

If taking care of your health is the third-holiday reminder you need, I would encourage you to use similar strategies. Remember, one pill, one surgery, or even one foundational adjustment will NOT make you healthy. A COMPLETE plan to address the foundational issues affecting your health and the support to carry out the necessary changes is needed. We are here to help, and the best way to start is with a Complimentary Consultation. Give our office a call today to schedule yours! (832) 458-3004

Have a Healthy Holiday!
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