Keep Mom Healthy in Magnolia

Keep Mom Healthy in Magnolia

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What happens at your house when mom gets sick? If you're like many families, life may be put on hold when mom is sidelined with illness, migraine/headaches, or fatigue. And many mothers do not like to take the time off to recover and rest because they may have several obligations- careers, families, and church/civic groups- to tend to. Time off is simply not an option! But it's important.

The Reality

The natural tendency for some parents is to put the needs of others ahead of their own. This thinking is toxic. Just as the flight attendant reminds passengers to put on their own air mask first, parents- especially moms- need to take time for their own health NOW before caring for others. Waiting until secondary conditions or symptoms are present is not the smartest decision. If you're a mom, give yourself permission to take care of yourself. Having more energy and vitality will make the other tasks of your day more manageable. If you're a spouse, create the TIME for Mom to practice self-care.

Strategies for Mom

Here are a few simple strategies that mom can do today to boost her vitality, energy, and overall health. Some are free, some require some planning and resources.

  1. Walk outdoors with a friend or neighbor. Taking time to walk and talk is a great strategy for mom. The female brain is wired for connection and conversation. A walk will promote blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. If you venture off our wooded trails here in The Woodlands, you can get some Vitamin D if you're in a tank top or sleeveless shirt. Talking on your phone or texting is NOT ALLOWED on these walks.
  2. Join a new club. This one hits that social button again. As a foundational chiropractor, I would love to say that getting specific foundational corrections of the spine is the #1 key to health (and I may argue that most days), but RELATIONSHIPS will trump the best diet, exercise, and foundational chiropractic care on many days. Get connected to a community. Our patients love chatting before/after their adjustments, so I think that could count as a club :). Another great social club that has a nice personal development aspect is Toastmasters International. You can always visit a club as a guest and there are chapters throughout the US and the world.
  3. Go to the Farmer's Market. And before you go, release the guilt of never starting your own garden in the back yard. It's ok. Seriously. Maybe you'll start one later. Maybe not. No one is looking at the gardening books on your bookshelf and then noticing only toys, a grill, and dirt patches in the backyard. Support the local farmers by buying their colorful fresh produce. The Grogan's Mill Farmers Market is every Saturday 8 am-12 pm.

Final Words

Moms make the world go round. They deserve to be pampered, and at the very least cared for and kept healthy. And I would like to give a special thanks to my mom, Wendy, who I know is reading this article to the very end, like the post on Facebook, and printing a copy to show my grandma. I love you, Mom!

And if you're a mom of kids with special needs, we've got a great event coming up on February 25th! Event information here.


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