Simple (and FREE) Testosterone Booster in Magnolia

Simple (and FREE) Testosterone Booster in Magnolia

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Whether you are a powerlifter, triathlete, mom, or just someone who reads chiropractic blogs in Magnolia, you can probably benefit from a natural boost in testosterone (yes, even the ladies). Before I tell you how you can boost it in less than 2 minutes and without breaking a sweat (no wind sprints or stair climbs), let's take a look at what testosterone is used for in your body.

Understanding Testosterone in Magnolia

Testosterone is produced in the testes in males and ovaries/adrenals in females. Healthy testosterone levels lead to lean muscle mass and strong bone structure, optimal sexual drive, and reduced cardiovascular risk. While we typically think of testosterone when we observe our friend's teenage son out in the wild, testosterone is important for the proper health and functioning of both men and women.

Where Do Things Go Wrong?

Testosterone levels naturally begin to decline around the age of 30 for men. There are many chemicals in the modern environment that can disrupt the normal levels of testosterone. Common Secondary Conditions that individuals, particularly men, experience with low testosterone include weight gain, low libido, loss of muscle mass, breast enlargement, and difficulty urinating.

What's the Trick?

A 2010 study included 42 individuals. They were placed into "Power Poses" for 1 minute. The poses included standing forward with hands spread wide over a table (think of spreading out the blueprints for your dream house) and leaning back in a chair with your arms behind your head (like your boss listening to your idea about increasing your pay and reducing your hours).

From the original study- Those utilizing the Power Poses experienced "elevation of the dominance hormone testosterone, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, and increases in behaviorally demonstrated risk tolerance and feelings of power. " So without breaking a sweat, the participants increased testosterone, reduced cortisol, and had more confidence.

So What?

We are bombarded with health trends, fads, and techniques to give you a great body, endless energy, or a certain appearance. While many methods focus on drawing from outside sources, this simple exercise focuses on using the body's ability to produce testosterone naturally to improve your health. Whether you use it to help you lift a heavier weight, ask an important question you've been avoiding, or confront an issue that is unresolved, changing your body language with a power pose for 60 seconds can help improve your physiology to face these situations.

We use a similar mindset - drawing on the body's build it strengths- with our Foundational Chiropractic Care. We help remove obstructions to your body's naturally built-in mechanisms to communicate effectively and thrive. Want to learn more about how Foundational Chiropractic can help you function and perform better? Whether you have migraines, pain, dysfunction, or simply want to maximize your potential, call us at 832-458-3004. Or join us for our next in-office health class, Foundation 101. Hope to see you soon!

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