Understanding Strokes Tips from a Magnolia Chiropractor

Understanding Strokes in Magnolia

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My name is Dr. Evan Pulver, and I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and the proud owner of Foundation Chiropractic in The Woodlands, TX.

The American Heart Association recently published an article titled “Neck manipulation may be associated with stroke”. Click the link here. The focus of the article is the suggested relationship between manipulating the cervical spine and strokes. Instead of closing my eyes and hoping you don’t ask me about it, I decided to write this post about something that I realize could be a concern for you and/or those in your circle of friends, family, and co-workers.

Understanding Strokes in Magnolia

Serious injuries, whether caused by a healthcare professional or not, are a tragedy. Like the medical, dental, and physical therapy professions, chiropractors have also experienced the misfortune of having made unintentional errors that resulted in harm to patients.

The article references CMT (cervical manipulation therapy) - a procedure that is performed - more often than not, by conventional chiropractors and other health care professionals. When CMT is utilized in the cervical region of the spine, the process involves hyper-extension (head arched extremely backward), over-rotation (head overly turned to one side), and low amplitude (short movement), high velocity (quick movement) thrusts applied by the doctor.

The decision made by conventional chiropractors and other health care professionals to manipulate the spine is based on palpation (feeling for tight muscles), loss of motion, and the triggering of pain. In most cases, this form of manipulation is safe.

Our practice focuses on Foundational Corrective Care - which, as anyone of our patients will tell you, is quite dissimilar to general conventional spinal manipulation. Foundational Corrective Care utilizes non-invasive specific chiropractic corrections using a Foundational Correction specific adjusting table. This approach is designed to be gentle, specific, and allows us to provide care that avoids placing a patient in a potentially compromising position. This is due to the fact that this approach avoids both hyper-extension and over-rotation.

In the first sentence, the author states that it “cannot be said with certainty that neck manipulation causes strokes.” In addition, other healthcare professionals, hairdressers, and martial arts instructors often deliver “manipulations”, yet they are still associated with and referenced as chiropractic procedures. Yes, it's as crazy as it sounds. To learn more about the safety of chiropractic adjustments, please see this more "friendly" article.

Or take a look at this study that studied thousands of patients seeking care from chiropractors and medical providers.

The Results?

People seek care from these providers for symptoms including Neck Pain and Headaches, which are major symptoms of a stroke.


Chiropractors do not cause strokes. People have strokes and seek the help of medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic. There is no difference in stroke risk from seeing a medical doctor or doctor of chiropractic because the stroke is most often occurring before seeing these providers. And they are both well trained to recognize if you are having one.

Thanks for reading!

-Dr. Evan

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