Your Social Network and Your Health in Magnolia

Your Social Network and Your Health in Magnolia

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Your social network. I'm not talking about your Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Your real-life friends. Your coworkers. Fellow church and synagogue members. Did you know that they will have an influence on your health? While you are still responsible for what you eat and drink, what you inhale (or don't inhale), and how much you get off your backside, the circle of people around you will also alter your health status.

You've probably seen it at HEB or a restaurant around The Woodlands. A family that just looks FIT. Or a family that is... on the other end of the health spectrum. It's controlled very little by their genetic makeup. Our health habits have a large part to do with who we hang around with and how they take care of their health. Do they smoke? You're more likely to smoke. Drink excessively? Probably you too. Don't know the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell? You might be leaders of the Small Muscle Club together.

Understanding Your Health in Magnolia

A 2007 study revealed that a person's chance of becoming obese increased by 57% percent of their friends became obese, 40% if a sibling became obese, and 37% if a spouse became obese. Don't shoot the messenger! I'm not saying to bail on friendships based on weight. In fact, close friendships extend life! But let's assume the opposite is true, that when friends lose weight, you too lose weight. Be the friend that is choosing a healthier lifestyle and influence your circle in a positive way. For those in leadership positions, you can also use your power to create healthier environments, such as taking soda out of vending machines in schools or taking breaks in the day to move. These small steps help create a healthier community.

One great way to be proactive with your health is to start with a complete Foundational Chiropractic Exam. During an exam, we review your health history, current health status, your goals, and how our care can support those. Whether it's a nagging injury, low back pain, headaches, neck pain, or increasing your mobility to lose weight and make healthy choices, we'd love to help you on your journey. Call 832-458-3004 or email to schedule your complimentary consultation today!


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